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There are 2 occasions exactly where you can get the ball off the bounce: when you are on the offense and when you are on the defense.

Either way, you want to understand these lessons to become an all round rebounder of your group:

1. Rebounding is creating the appropriate physique position.

Your coach often yells “rebound!” and you are receiving sick of it simply because no matter how higher you jump, your opponent is still capable to grab the ball away from you. If this is your dilemma, then you may well not be putting yourself in the proper rebounding position.

Remember this: rebounding doesn’t start off when you get the ball on its way down, it begins on the ground. Thus, knowing where to location your body to get the ideal position is 1 essential to grabbing the ball. (I say 1 essential due to the fact you have to realize the second lesson.)

The best position is putting your body in between your opponent and the ball. Take note that not all rebounds come from the rim or the board, so positioning your body among the opponent and the basket is not always possible.

2. Rebounding is anticipating exactly where the ball will land.

You know the right position but it is useless if you do not know how to anticipate where the ball is going to go. This requires frequent sense. For example, if the ball is taken in the perimeter, it is most likely that the ball will bounce off powerful. A short shot might yield an opposite result. What you should do is to constantly put your eye on the ball and the moment the player taking the shot.

Predict exactly where the ball will land and position yourself right away taking into consideration lesson number 1. Take note that you can not often guess the position of exactly where the ball will land but knowing this will improve your possibilities of putting your self in the proper position to get the rebound.

3. Rebounding is all about attitude.

As mentioned by several, rebounding is not about who jumps high or who stands tall it is about who wants the ball far more. This is the third lesson you have to find out. The attitude is all it takes to turn out to be a good rebounder. You may possibly know how to position ahead of rebounding and you may know how to anticipate exactly where the ball will land, but if you don’t want it, you won’t get it.

Know the appropriate position, anticipate exactly where the ball will land, and wanting the ball much more are the 3 major elements to turn out to be a excellent rebounder. Learn these and you’ll be controlling the board.

Here are the Popular Soccer Rebounders in the Market

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball)
Tekk® is the leader in another generation of training equipment. With its patented one piece design it’s the most powerful and greatest trainer on the market with 40 square feet of surface area.

With a powder coated framework made from 3mm thick steel brackets and aircraft grade aluminum it’s the strongest rebound of anything accessible. The angle adjusts to seven positions for all around training. The Tekk® Trainer is durable and exceptionally powerful and built to endure for years.

Field Players will likely be able to put it to use to practice side volleys, instep, passing, shooting, trapping, and heading, work on ball control with your thigh and torso, fortify your weaker foot, increase leg strength, command and shoot; control and dribblep, ractice ball hitting and finishing an also utilize it as a wall.

Goalkeepers will in a position to use it to work on your own footwork and plunging, master catching your hand positions, and body contour, reinforce your arm and throwing accuracy, enhance agility and quickness as well as enables you to respond to game type scenarios.

Ouick overiew of top functions of tekker rebounder comprises:

  • Strongest portable trainer on the marketplace; crossbar withstands 125lb load
  • Biggest completely portable trainer in the marketplace that angles; 40 square feet of target area
  • Angle adjusts to seven positions for all around training

Goalrilla Striker- Soccer Rebound Trainer
The Goalrilla Striker Rebounder is a double-sided, ultra-receptive rebounding goal and net. Make use of this training tool for individual or group practice and spend less time retrieving balls from the goal and much more time practicing abilities.

Using the Striker rebounder, every shot into the goal rebounds back at you at an incredible rate, ideal for practicing trapping and ball control skills. Make use of almost any skill to be practiced by the Striker trainer more efficiently.

Bungee cords that connect the frame and the net give the Striker its unbelievable rebound.

Skill Development


  • Immediate ball return for more shots in less time
  • No should retrieve the ball in the net

Throw Ins

  • Practice throw-ins and never having to chase after your ball
  • Passing
  • Practice passing, even without your teammate
  • Subsequently, the rebounder returns the ball to exercise receiving


  • Practice receiving and trapping even with no teammate
  • The ultra-sensitive rebounder returns the ball quickly for outstanding ball control practice

Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder (6-Feet by 4-Feet)
Measuring 6 by 4 by 3 feet (W x H x D), the rebounder immediately returns the ball to your own foot after each kick, and therefore you do not have to chase down balls with every shot.

You can even place the rebounder to return your shots in the air in various angles for practicing other skills. The rebounder is well made, having a heavy duty 1.25-inch steel tube frame and precision-fit locking pins.

And it is simple to pick on your target thanks to the comparing color target zone, which sits in the middle of the all weather 4-by-4- inch.

Advocated for training, the rebounder also comes with four galvanized ground stakes.


  • Adjustable soccer rebounder for practicing your shooting skills
  • Fixes to return balls to the floor or in the air for tricks
  • All weather 4-by-4-inch netting with contrasting color target zone

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal (12x6', 8x5', or 6x4')
The SKLZ Quickster Goal is perfect for pick up games. The ultra portable fast and simple set up framework allows you the freedom to train daily, without the hassle.

Set up using stiff support posts and the Velcro web attachement for extra sturdiness. Having many different sizes available (12×6′, 8×5′, and 6×4′) there’s a goal for every level of player.

The lightweight portability of this framework, paired with the carry bag, means you will have the ability to effortlessly browse up the set and use of this goal. Buying sports equipment means investing in your traninig and athletic goals.

With its easy set up and break down, the Quickster Soccer Goal enables you to begin a match or training session everywhere, anytime. Additionally, it comes in an official shape and various sizes for scoring and authentic game action.

The Quickster Soccer Goal is as close as you can get without the of the hassle, to the excellence of a regulation aim. Your performance demands top form, so you must hold your equipment to the exact same standard.

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