Best Pocket & Survival Knife Reviews

Pocket knives are suitable tools that will be convenient for most anyone. Women and men alike may reap the benefits of the ease of getting a pocket knife.

They can be useful for emergencies as well as for occasional use. A pocket knife which has multiple uses may be particularly suitable, in the event that you are an enthusiastic camper or traveler.

The pocket knife may be used to saw wood, when faced with the emergency scenario, kill fish and prepare meals. For convenience, you’ll have a convenient bottle opener and corkscrew that might not be easily obtainable in most scenarios.

The best way to choose the pocket knife that is right depends on your own requirements. A smaller, multipurpose pocket knife might be greatest in the event you would like something to carry around with you at all times. For professionals, a fine engraved pocket knife with maybe several other tools and a knife is going to be ideal.

They are available at knife shops, accessory shops and home improvement stores. Executive pocket knives seem tasteful at the same time and can fit right into briefcase or a handbag simply. They retail between fifty and ten dollars and may be personalized too.

For the multi tool pocket knives, go for practical knives, like a type you might keep in your car or to be used on camping trips. The Swiss Army knives would be the hottest and there are many different sizes available. These tools range between about thirty dollars.

There are multiple tools that’ll go among alternatives with them such as different sized blades, nail file, scissors, saw, corkscrew, screwdriver, can opener, toothpick, tweezers and magnifying glass.

The multi tool pocket knives are a little thicker than knives that are smaller however they are small enough to fit right into handbag, a pocket, briefcase or backpack. Select the pocket knife which is most beneficial for you by contemplating cost and use.

Tactical knives and hunting knives will be the sort of tools that each hunter wants at some point or another. In regards time to organize your game off the mountain for transportation or to care for some camping principles it is necessary to truly have a tough, dependable hunting knife that one may count on to survive for several hunting seasons.

In the event the tactical knife or pocket knife is flimsy or blunt it is extremely improbable you will love your time and effort hunting and may in fact cause a lackluster hunting season. For this reason it’s important to ensure to select the best blade, also to at all times possess the right blade for you at all times.

A lot of people have no idea when actually there are three major blades that an individual can pick from, determined by their individual needs, that there’s over one blade kind.

Whether for your property or for outdoor use, having a folding knife that is solid is essential. In the event you merely desire to be prepared, or are arranging a trek through the wilds, it’s wise to really have a pocket knife. Each pocket knife ought to be personalized to match your individual wants, in addition to, at which you will end up traveling satisfy the specific surroundings.

You can create your own or increase those bought in the shop, although many outside pocket knifes can be found out there. All outside pocket knifes should contain some fundamental items, plus special things that can allow you to make it throughout the wilds successfully.

To cut back weight as well as the size of the pocket knife that is outside, select things which have greater than one function. Pieces that just have one objective might be critical to survival, but when the identical function can be performed by an identical merchandise, plus satisfy with other wants, select one that supplies the most choices. Avoid duplicating things.

The outside pocket knife needs to be divide into two parts. The portion of the kit that remains in a pouch will include the items that are bulky that you might want to stay accessible and easy. Another percentage of the pocket knife that is outside ought to be pocket sized. All these really are the things you use everyday. Be comfortable with every single item in the pocket knife that is outside. A thing isn’t planning that will help you live should you not understand how to use it correctly.

Outside pocket knifes will be different from person to person. Additionally, your outside pocket knife will have to be accommodated to the unique surroundings. When choosing your items for the outside pocket knife, keep these specific things at heart.

The Pocket Knife’s History

The earliest were discovered at Hallstatt and gone back to 600 BC made with a bone manage and folding blade style that was primitive. First Century Romans are credited with producing the preliminary folding pocketknife. They produced for bring in their journeys and conquests for explorers and soldiers.

They were easy to conceal since the use of knives became more popular and easy to carry weight, utilizing pocketknife fell under disfavor. The fixed blade that was sheathed made for a punch its predecessor the pocket knife. Lots of opted for this weapon that was bigger since there weapon of option.

From the 16th Century, swiss army knife began to restore appeal. They were common in the colonies farmers and guys from all walks of life began to carry them. The swiss army knife, the portable instrument was a handy aid in jobs, including eating on the relocation.

Knives were a crucial tool for soldiers throughout history. New york city and New Hampshire needed their militias to carry swiss army knife. George Washington brought a swiss army knife.

The U.S. Navy started issuing swiss army knife to sailors during the Civil War and during WWII, the pocket knife was basic concern for American GIs. Beneficial for numerous things that pocket knife was a blade that they had included tools that are practical into this design. Many GI’s knives had awl, a can opener, bottle opener, screw chauffeur and a knife blade. The pocket knife now ended up being not simply and an important tool knife.

There are great deals of type of pocket knife out there now but the most popular of them is the Swiss Army knife. This knife is a new multi tool or pocket knife made in 1891 in Switzerland but was called just and the Officers Knife became known during WWII after American soldiers were unable to pronounce the name.

These knives might contain everything and anything you can picture all affixed within a manage. A lot of knives include a blade, the blade, a screw chauffeur, can opener, bottle opener, tweezers, and tooth choice. The blades that are advanced can include a USB flash drive, LED light, and clock and can continue to 26 products.

Despite the fact that these swiss army knife or multi-tools are available many males still opt to carry a version such as a pen knife or the jack knife that has a blade and nothing. For composing, hone or the pen knife was developed to cut pencil quills. If you want to have more than 1 type of blade, the pen knife is terrific.

Guys have actually been carrying pocket knives however with security at the airport together with other structures, knives are disappearing from the pockets of guys. Yet these obstacles aren’t enough need to give up carrying a knife. The carrying of a swiss army knife is a custom that has to be continued so long as you follow the laws.

Materials Used In Pocket Knives

I’ve been examining the materials. I’ve developed a list of the types of materials. Knife buyers must be helped by this listing.

G-10 – This sort of product is made from fiberglass. Fiberglass is made by soaking sheets of fiberglass in resin while being compacted, and heating it up. This procedure produces a weight product that’s exceptionally strong. Manufacturers will add a checker design to improve grasp and the appearance of G-10 product. This product is terrific for blade knives due to its strength and endurance.

BONE – This sort of product is based on the appearance of animal bones that are dead. Bone type material has an unique texture and can be colored different colors like blue, red, white etc. A large bulk of swiss army knife have bone product.

STAG – This is a kind of product that looks like antlers. Most of the time appearance to offer a standard appearance to it. A stag manage has a texture that offers an appearance to a swiss army knife. This appears like a material for Sons & Case penknife.

MICARTA – This sort of product is made. Micarta is developed the way G-10 material is made. Micarta laminates are made out of silicone, epoxy, or other resins and are reinforced with fiberglass or other substrates. This product becomes dense and extremely effective when applying pressure and heat. Completion item has a surface area that is smooth. This treatment is labour extensive, with be higher and these knives. Micarta is.

CARBON FIBER – This substance is made from combining them and weaving stands of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber material has a special appearance that is very light weight and reflects light. Out of the weight material that is light, carbon fiber is the most powerful. Carbon fiber material is labour intensive and micarta that is like it’ll get a rate.

ZYTEL – was developed by Du Pont. This material is a preferred product for knives and is cheap to make. It’s deemed solid and can soak up resists scratches and effects. The kind of product’s textures aren’t that visible, and produces will add textures to improve the appearance. Zytel is a typical product for making set blade knives and penknife.

TITANIUM – This compound is a metal alloy that is nonferrous. Titanium is made with little amounts of aluminum and vanadium from a combination of titanium. This sort of metal has high rust resistance and is light weight. Titanium is popular with collector’s knives and knives.

ALUMINUM – This substance is another metal and is used for knife deals with. This compound does not have the weight, likewise has a feel to it.

Types Of Steel

It is handy to be knowledgeable about the different metals which are utilized in the production of these 26, when searching for blade knives or pocket knives. Why are priced 14, you might ask yourself.

It depends. Premium quality steel hold, and will be harder, harder, stronger, more resistant. The greater the quality the more pricey, of steel and production process the knife will be.

Repaired blade knives and steel have a mix of alloys. Steel, generally speaking, is made from carbon and iron. Aspects are added to develop.

  • Chromium is added to improve the resilience, firmness and battles corrosion.
  • Manganese is used to improve the strength and use resistance of steel. Additionally, it assists with solidifying the steel.
  • Molybdenum helps to keep the steel effective under heats and will help stop the steel.
  • Vanadium permit it to harden during production and will assist with increasing the steel’s sturdiness.
  • While increasing the strength Carbon aids with the hardening of steel. The carbon material should be higher than 0.5%, which assists with keeping a great edge on your knife.

The following are a list of steels. Remember on how the quality of a knife impact when evaluating this guide. When searching for a penknife or blade knife, this should help.

ATS-34 – 154-CM

154-CM and the two ATS-34 are identical both and steels are used for repaired blade knives and swiss army knife. Crucible Material Corporation for its blades in jet turbine engines created 154-CM. Steel manufacturers are making steel that is high quality and it is steel for knife blades.

ATS-34 is also steel. It is. The 2 ATS-34 and 154-CM hold a terrific edge and are tough and very tough. They aren’t as resistant as steels however they’re still kinds of steel for knives that are high-end. They were created for commercial applications and are developed from a mix of carbon, chromium, and molybdenum.


440C steel is. It is so it protects a sharper edge. It’s stainless steel which has 1.2% carbon product that’s partially higher than the carbon in 440A and 440B.

440C is hardened to approximately 56-59 hardness score (Rc), and made to resist corrosion. 440C performs much better than 440A and 440B, but of course it is more pricey. SOG Knives use a 440A steel in a number of their knives.


AUS-8 is. In reality, AUS-8 is used as an alternative for 440C steel. It’s approximately 0.75% carbon material and contains a low-carbon to chromium ratio and is resistant to rust.

Blades with carbon material will preserve their edge, although this is steel for knife blades. Unlike the 440B, AUS-8 has vanadium included to using out, that boosts its resistance. Gerber Knives utilize this sort of steel in their knife blades


BG-42 is. It holds an edge much better than 440C and ATS-34, given that BG-42 has double the manganese as ATS-34 steel, likewise it’s 1.2 percent vanadium.


Damascus steel is. This steel is resistant and hard to shattering. In addition it is able be hold. Layering the steel allows more than 1 sort of steel for use.

The steel will handle the qualities of the two by alternating the rings with soft and difficult steel. Hence there is a Damascus blade difficult yet flexible. W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery uses this sort of blade in their pocket knives.


D2 steel has 1.5% carbon that helps it hold an edge. It is not as tough as steels. It’s chrome content that does not meet the requirements. D-2 is thought about “semi-stainless” steel.

The Method to Select a Great Pocket Folding Knife

Swiss army knife’ background go back into the first years of guy’s incident. Throughout this moment, penknife were used by male for food for hunting animals. Swiss army knife are rather unique, and are among weapons at exactly the exact very same minute and the tool nowadays.

Due to an individual’s needs, swiss army knife have developed into kinds. Listed listed below are a couple type of those knives. Among those types is that the pocket folding knife which is described as the folding knife.

From its title, the pocket knife extremely fits within your pocket. They’re simple and lightweight to carryout. It may be used as a knife that was basic as it’s possible to utilize it.

Below are some measures into selecting one, if you would like a sound penknife. You are able to differentiate a poor one and a pocket folding knife.

Step One – Law Prerequisites

The initial thing would be the state or nation’s law needs. There will be limitations and limits on the knife it is possible to bring you around. Before you buy one, you should know.

Step Two – Choose a Trustworthy Manufacturer

With a brand that is reliable, you’re sure to get the highest quality to your knife. You’ll find the best for your loan, considering that variations differ from each producer.

Step Three – Reversible Knives

Some tactical knives are reversible. In addition to this, there are knives with pocket clips. For the relaxation of taking your knife out of your pocket and utilizing, you might opt to acquire knives that are cushioned. They do not interfere with other things in your pocket.

You’ll have the understanding to obtain a pocket folding knife, to sum up. Remember have an eager about the product you’re presently getting.

5 Valuable Programs of a Fantastic Pocket Knife

1. Whittling. Whittling is your craft of shaving off littles wood so regarding style a tool, layout, or shape or sculpting. Begin with basic tasks, such as whittling sticks to the marshmallow roasters, arrows for bows and, needless to state, spears. Try your hand in crafting more developments such as individuals and creatures.

2. Fixing. Knives may be used for a number of things in concerns to enhancing or repairing products. As an example, a knife might scratch rust rust, paint labels– you name it. A blade that is wonderful can get rid of burrs. A knife can always reduce items (however barely ever lengthen them). Together with there is also a penknife a substitute.

3. Building and construction. Gizmos are being constructed by among my applications for a knife. All you want to finish a task is frequently used by A knife. Whether you are cutting rope, sharpening sticks, smoothing lumber, or dividing designs or words, a blade will play a role.

4. Security. Swiss army knife be hassle-free for many different first-aid applications such as fashioning slings or tourniquets or dressing table, cutting plasters, or digging out splinters. There is A stainless-steel blade an exceptional tool in the event of emergency situation. As an example, there is a knife a valuable if you will have to indicate a course, leave a message or reduce somebody free. At the worst case scenarios, a knife can be utilized for self reliant versus people or animals.

5. Food. Lots of people ignore the simple reality that, besides having a knife you are going to need you to prepare your meals. And let us face it, even if you are camping or trekking, you haven’t compacted the block of knives in your kitchen. That carrying a blade that is high quality is essential. The performance of your very own food prep wills improve to slicing foods such as breads or cheeses from paring veggies and fruits, to parts of fish or meat.

Popular Pocket Knives
TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife
The TAC Force TF-705 Series assisted opening tactical folding knife features a 3-1/4-inch, 3-millimeter thick half-serrated stainless steel blade with a 4-1/2-inch closed length.

Offering simple one-handed installation, this spring-assisted open folding knife locks securely into place with all the utilization of its liner lock.

This knife’s durable aluminum handle comes with a bottle opener along with a glass breaker on the conclusion, which can be used to punch out the window of a car in an emergency.

In addition, it has a pocket clip for safe and easy carry.

TAC Force TF-469 Gentleman's Assisted Opening Folding Knife
The TAC Force TF-469 helped opening gentleman’s folding knife features 3-inch, 3-millimeter thick black stainless steel blade using a straight edge blade along with a 4-inch length that is closed.

Offering simple one-handed deployment, this spring helped open folding knife locks securely into position together with using its own lining lock.

Offering a simple yet classic design, the attractive brown overlay that is pakkawood handle adds an attractive part of nature to the gentleman’s styled pocket knife.

In addition, it has a pocket clip for safe and simple take.

Kershaw 1990 Brawler Speedsafe Folding Knife
The Brawler begins using a modified tanto blade—a contour frequently discovered in rescue and tactical knives which will have to perforate through stuff that are tough. The tanto is a great structure for all these jobs that are piercing because there’s a lot of metal to support the point, which makes it more powerful than many other blade contours.

You’ll see the very top of the Brawler’s sword has a grind, also. This can be known as a swedge; it helps the blade that was narrow, adding to its power that was piercing. In once, the Brawler’s straight abdomen is ideal for bearing back on a job offers superb cutting ability, and is simple to resharpen. All this makes the Brawler a great utility knife.

The Brawler’s handle is at least as practical. Curves are handled by the angled to the palm of the user’s hand. Jimping to the rear of the blade offers added traction. Together with the blade the flipper offers added hand protection and doubles as a finger guard.

For simple and quick one-handed opening, the Brawler has SpeedSafe. Simply pull back on the SpeedSafe assisted opening system as well as the flipper takes over, moving the blade from the handle, prepared to be used. Durable glass-filled nylon handle a risk-free locking liner scales, as well as our four-place pocketclip finish the bundle.

Popular Combat Knives
MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife
The MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 fixed blade tactical knife was designed with endurance and toughness in your mind. Created with combat for tactical objectives at heart, this substantial tanto-style blade has saw serrations over the spinal column as well as a blood groove rear.

This fixed blade knife features a 5-1/2-inch, 5.5-millimeter thick, 440 black stainless steel tanto style blade. Level 440 stainless steel features more carbon, giving it exceptional hardness and edge retention.

The black G10 handle has an extended guard for extra protection and provides a superior grip in the wettest of conditions. The handle has a lanyard hole on the end letting you attach additional para twine and offers finger grooves for added control and a much more comfortable hold.

It also includes a black nylon sheath for safe and simple take.

MTech USA MT-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife
The MTech USA Fixed Blade Hunting Knife (version MT 086) features a straight edge blade along with a 12-1/4-inch overall length.

The ABS handle features wing walk inserts which provide a superior grip in the wettest of conditions. Ideal for camping survival training and expeditions, this MTech USA knife features a 7-inch stainless steel blade.

The handle also has a glass breaker on the end making this knife useful in just about any saving scenario. This knife also includes a black nylon sheath for safe and simple take.

MTech USA supplies a diversified lineup of fixed blade knives, tactical folding knives, archery goods, and security things — all at costs that are competitive.

200076 Ka-Bar BK7 Becker Combat Utility Knife
The best Ka-Bar BK&T all purpose utility knife was designed especially for adventurers and soldiers needing a strong but lightweight fight knife that will endure hard use.

Clip point blade. Grivory overlays. Full tang blade. Textured thumb rest for secure hold. Contains polyester sheath.

Designed especially for experiences and soldiers who require a strong yet lightweight fight knife, the Ka-Bar Becker BK7 all purpose utility knife is constructed to endure hard use.

The knife blade consists of 1095 Crovan steel, an easy-to-sharpen carbon steel that keeps its edge nicely.

The Swiss-made Grivory manage, meanwhile, is built of a glass fiber-filled nylon for extra strength. Other characteristics include a a level grind a clip point, and a 20-degree edge angle.

Popular EDC Knives
Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) Squid Folding Pocket Knife
Itis a pistol of a knife: it obliterates jobs. This Lucas Burnley-designed everyday carry knife is streamlined in height but packs some heat in the features section.

It has a framework lock for security, and friction grooves on the drop-point blade to get a safe handle. Be cautious where you point it. The Squid is an everyday carry folding knife from designer Lucas Burnley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On the basis of the style of a pistol that is streamlined, it is big on skill as well as modest in size. Do not let the 2.25″ blade trick you; this is a full on, tactically divine knife that is prepared to take on your greatest cutting challenges.
By keeping it broad at almost one inch and utilizing the drop-point style, Burnley could provide the sword a great equilibrium of tip strength and point geometry for utility jobs, packaging all of the functionality of a full size tactical folder, into a simple to take, streamlined layout.

The same as every firearm that is great, you would like a thing that’ll make sure that you remain safe. That is why the Squid includes an internal frame lock and pocket clip that is deep to get a safe carry. Make use of the thumb stud to deploy the blade, when you are prepared with this knife to see some activity. So proceed and bring this sidearm along with you wherever you go. Keep in mind, it is loaded.

Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife
Being tenacious means one holds. It means being tough and tireless until reaching your aim: all knife-worthy definitions to get a knife that is worthy.

This mid-sizedTenacious Plain Edge Knife by Spyderco features a black G10 laminate handle, ground with protracted fatigue-free cutting at heart. Tucked in are skeletonized steel linings raising the rigidity and strength of the handle without adding non- performance weight or depth that was bulky.

The stainless blade that is 8Cr13Mov is leaf-shaped and level that is ground to cutting edge for cutting operation from back. The blade’s shape coupled with textured back and an oversize Spyderco Round Hole jimping allow the blade to open and place your thumb on the back in skid -evidence self-assurance prepared for work.

A Walker Linerlock (with jimped lining) and a 4-way pocket clip allows you to place your carry and draw inclination: Tip up/tip-down left hand/right hand. Twist building together.

Kershaw Cryo Knife
If you’ve been craving a Rick Hinderer knife, but couldn’t quite part with the bucks, your last excuse has just disappeared. The Cryo is the result of collaboration between Rick Hinderer and the design and production engineers at Kershaw. And we’re sure it will satisfy both your Hinderer craving and the demands of your wallet.

A classic Rick Hinderer design, the Cryo is built of pure stainless steel coated with matte grey titanium carbo-nitride for a no-fuss look that lets the design shine through. Like all Rick’s knives, the Cryo benefits from Rick’s real world experience as a fire fighter and EMT. It’s designed to be a sturdy knife that’s still aesthetically pleasing and feels good in the hand.

For secure blade lock up, the Cryo offers a tough frame lock with lockbar stabilization. The Cryo also features Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening for fast and easy one-handed opening. Access it with either the built-in flipper or the thumbstud.

Popular Multi Tools
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife
Features 7 functions to equip you for everyday adventures – including 1.25″ blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, key ring, tweezers, and toothpick.

Stainless steel construction encased in polished red ABS scales provides sleek durability.

Fits comfortably in a pocket, while also making the perfect addition to any set of keys.

Swiss+Tech ST53100 Polished SS 19-in-1 Micro Pocket Multitool
Swiss Tech Micro Max 19-in-1 Multi-Function Tool Set, 2 hex wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, bottle opener, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, hand drill, file, 2 rules, 2 rule extensions. Made from solid stainless steel. Attaches to key or keychain ring and will be rapidly released when needed.

Unlike other multi-function tools, many Swiss Tech tools have a patented, rapid-release, incorporated locking system which attaches to any key ring, thus getting rid of the requirement for belt holster or yet another band.

These advanced, high quality, lightweight products meet a need that is common –having the tools. They make an excellent present.

The Micro-Max 19-in-1 Series offers the most complete and versatile group of tools of Swiss Tech . This strong stainless steel tool set, using its patented, fast-release and self locking mechanism, folds out into 19 distinct professional grade tools.

Regular tools for everyday convenience. Tighten, loosen, wire, drill, file, open and quantify easily. Contains 2 hex wrenches, 6 screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, hand drill, file, bottle opener, 2 rules (millimeter and inch), and 2 rule extensions. Patent pending design provides 24/7 pocketsized preparation. Use by means of your key ring, bag, glove box, and much more.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier
Rough, dependable, and simple to deal with, the Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier is engineered to undertake jobs in almost every scenario imaginable.

With a glossy butterfly design, long-lasting stainless steel structure, and Gerber’s patented Saf.T.Plus part locking system, this affordable multitool packages 11 suitable tools that can begin to prove crucial.

Powerful yet lightweight, the Suspension Multi Plier provides the durability of stainless steel building as well as an aluminum butterfly-opening handle that is inspired by the precision engineering of Portland, the famous suspension bridges in Oregon. Like those time tested iron bridges, this tool was created to provide the downanddirty operation which you require out of your tools.

But functionality is not everything. The tool’s unique suspension-fashion handle sits comfortably in your hand, giving it a well balanced feel. Streamlined enough to please the most demanding minimalists, and cool enough for woman or just about any gadget man, the Suspension Multi Plier provides a slick, streamlined design which will appear just like it performs.

Popular Survival Machetes
Gerber Gator Machete Nylon Sheath
The Gator Machete has a 15-inch fine-edge blade on a single side and an 18-inch high performance tool blade on another.

It’s hammered of high-carbon stainless steel. The handle is covered using a Gator grip rubberized handle for control and comfort.

It comes sheathed in a nylon case for safe carry. Made for the backyard, in addition to use in the wilds, it’s a double-function, lightweight machete for trailblazing and beating back the underbrush.

SOG SOGfari 18 Machete MC02-N
The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools MC02-N SOGFari is among the very useful tools on the planet and includes a real functioning tool on the rear of the blade, having cleared brush, blazed trails, chopped wood, helped crop crops and made shelters.

Made of 3CR13 steel with the attractive black powder coated finish, the 18-inch tool back having a fixed blade has a machete contour which can be utilized for survival quest and clearing trails. Balanced handle and the ergonomically contoured has a black finish and consists of Kraton to fit in your hand.

The handle synthetic rubber material that is ’s offers a no-slip surface with weathering increased heat resistance and chemical resistance. There is a lanyard hole on the bottom of the handle. A black nylon sheath is included using belt loop fastener and a hook and loop closure to maintain the SOGFari shielded and close at all times.

This knife comes with an overall length of 24-inches, blade depth of 0.08-inches and weight of 15.7-oz. The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools MC02-N SOGFari Machete with 18-Inch Tool Blade and Double Steel Straight Edge has a restricted lifetime guarantee that protects against defects in stuff and manufacturing.

Each SOG merchandise is made together with the aid of firm founder and chief engineer, Spencer Frazer. Famous for dependability as well as performance, these knives and tools showcase innovation, their uncompromising style as well as a unique, futuristic style which has garnered recognition and awards world-wide.

SOG products also have gained favor among law enforcement, industrial and military customers that rely on their tools to perform in the most demanding, most unfavorable conditions.

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete
Gerber 31-002289 Bear Grylls Parang. The Parang is a modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete. Its heavy blade makes short work of branches and vines.

An individual tool of the jungle. This Parang features an angled blade, ideal for clearing brush or limbs. Robust high carbon steel blade, enhances strength, corrosion resistance and easy to sharpen.

Full tang construction, boosts durability. Ergonomic textured rubber grip, maximizes comfort and reduces slippage. Lanyard cord, acts as guard, enhancing grip security. Nylon sheath, lightweight, military grade, mildew resistant.

Includes land to air rescue and SOS instructions. Priorities of survival, pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri
Surviving the toughest field testing, the Ka-Bar Kukri boasts excellent test results in chopping and basic field use.

Includes leather/cordura sheath. Kukri blade. Non-reflective black coated blade. Kraton G handle with grooves for a secure grip. Hollow grind for extreme sharpness.

Field-tested and -approved, the Ka-Bar Kukri machete is ideal for chopping down weeds, clearing a campsite, or cutting small branches.

The machete is equipped with a 1085 Kukri-style carbon-steel blade that excels at chopping and basic field use, along with an ergonomically shaped Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle with a non-slip grip. The Kukri measures 17 inches overall with an 11-1/2-inch blade and comes with a black leather/Cordura combination sheath.

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